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Fibre to the Tree (FTTT)

It has been some years ago that your scribe answered a random phone call that later turned out to be a complex FTTT (Fibre to the Tree) affair. One of the many calls that routinely that end up in our sales office every day. But this one was a special. It went something like:

Caller: "I hear you are doing something with fibre systems... we have a little fibre project here... can you help?"

Scribe: "Sure, we love doing fibre systems. We make fibre optic boxes right here in Melbourne. Tell me what you want to do......"

Caller: "Well, we have a tree nursery here and we want to run some fibre cable over the estate..... We need someone to help us working out what we need and how to connect the cables"

Scribe: "A tree nursery? You're kidding are you? You want fibre to the tree? Or were you going to hang the cable in the trees? We make fibre to the home (FTTH) equipment for cable television and for Internet. For residential developments. What on earth would you want to do with fibre in a tree nursery?"

Caller: "Well, we don't really know how that fibre stuff works, but we want to connect some telephones, some CCTV cameras, the nursery sales office, some irrigation pumps, an alarm system and maybe some other things as well. And the telephone guy was just here and told us that the distances were a bit long for a copper cable, so we should look for a fibre cable instead and ring you for a quote. Can you help?"
Scribe: "Ooohh, I see. Whereabouts are you?"

And that is how the story started. A few hours or so outside Melbourne in the direction of the well-known Philip Island penguin beach, you'll pass the little hamlet of Koo-wee-rup. There is another world out there, nothing like the bustling metropolis of Melbourne CBD. All peace and quiet wherever you look. And somewhere on the horizon of these wide and undulating farming fields, there is now a tree nursery who can boast to have the very first fibre to the tree (FTTT) deployment that PBN has ever implemented.

It sounded a bit strange at first, but tree nurseries do have real communication needs like any other businesses. They have a sales desk, administrators, operations staff, and they need their telephones and computers to work well, just like any other company. This is an 'industrial' nursery, growing trees for use by municipalities and shire councils. The sort of trees that line the new streets and parks of urban and rural residential developments. And they are shipping those trees by the truckloads anywhere in Australia. Apparently, that sort of business you cannot run out of a domestic garage anymore, but it needs a well organized company to make it happen.

A fibre design was made, a deal was made, and the PBN projects team did their magic, connecting the phones, the surveillance cameras, the alarm systems, the office LAN, the Internet and the irrigation pumps, all over fibre cables. A little unusual application, but all in a normal days work for the PBN crew.

Over the years, there have even been a few network expansions. And the trees are still growing as healthy and fast as ever.... now process controlled and sold online via an advanced PBN fibre optic communications system.

So, if you ever needed something like Fibre to the Tree (FTTT), now you know who to call.